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Meanwhile in #Iraq: “Those behind the rally have two goals in mind - to pressure Washington to pull its troops out of Iraq, and to eclipse the mass anti-government protests that have challenged their grip on power.” Reuters…

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#ندى_القحطاني نطقت بالحق فقتلها اخوها يوم 21 يناير. استمعن/وا الى كلماتها. تمعنوا في حرقتها وهي تتحدث، ثم قرلوا لي بعد ذلك إن مجتمعاتنا لا تعاني من مشكلة مع المرأة! #شبه_الجزيرة_العربية…

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#Jordan: #TujanAlbukhaiti (17 years old) will appear today in court accused of #blasphemy: “Insulting religious feelings“. Accusation based on her private FB postings. BBC Video has English subtitles but not updated #توجان_البخيتي…

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