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RT @dianamoukalled: كلّ ما أردناه في رحيلنا كان النجاة، لكنّنا اليوم نريد ما هو أبسط من ذلك. لا نريد سوى مجرّد عناق صغير مع أهالينا، يزيل ع…

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Elham Manea
#Yemen: Coalition attack today in #AlJawf led to indiscriminate killing among civilians. Several children were killed. The area is in need of urgent humanitarian support. I received these pictures and information from Sheikh Abdullah Aljamili. He demands justice for his people.

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RT @YemeniFatima: A video circulating on social media of the moment that a building in the old city of Sanaa, #Yemen collapsed after heavy…

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