الهام مانع: لهذه الاسباب تم تكفيري واتهامي بالخروج عن الاسلام... |

HR Summit 2015

Are U.S. Counterterrorism Partners Preventing the Spread of Violent Extremism?

Secular Conference 2014

“Islamic Law in the West: The Essentialists"

Alexandria 2015

Recorded speech presented to the first Egyptian Conference against Blasphamy Laws held in Alexandria, against Blasphamy Laws held in Alexandria, 29 October 2015 (in Arabic)

London 2013

On the concept of humanistic Islam, a talk hosted by Inclusive Mosque Initiative. This took place in London, UK on Saturday, 17 August 2013.

Fokustag 2016

Herausforderungen der Integration | Fokustag 2016‬

London 2016

Sharia courts legitimise systematic discrimination against women, Bread and Roses‬, London, Published 28 May 2016

Alarabya 2015

The crisis of Yemen, Alarabya, 28 January 2015, in Arabic

European Parliament 2015‬

EFD Public Briefing with Karima Bennoune and Elham Manea at the European Parliament - 26/ 03/ 2015‬

TEDxBern 2013‬

Are Parallel Societies a Problem? : Dr. Elham Manea at TEDxBern, Oct 2013‬

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